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“Thanks to American Value Exteriors, I can view my house with pride again.” McCook, NE

Make a smart choice on roof installation today to save energy and money, and increase the beauty and value of your home.

Investing in American Value Exteriors, LLC’s ENERGY STAR rated, insulated, residential steel roofing or impact-resistant composite/laminate roofing is the smart choice for homeowners! These energy saving roofs are strong, durable, fire resistant and can withstand the hail and wind of our harsh Midwestern weather. Most insurance companies will reduce your premiums for installing this roofing on your home. We offer a wide range of colors, types and textures for all styles of homes, including those appropriate for historic renovation.


American Value Exteriors, LLC’s steel and impact-resistant Class 4 laminated, impact-resistant roofs are the fastest growing types of roofing products in the United States. Their popularity is due to the energy saving value and re-sale value they add to homes.


Steel roofing, with its special protective coating, insulates against the cold and reflects the heat of the sun. Reflecting sunlight and heat keeps the roof, attic and interior cooler in the summer, while its superior insulating quality keeps the house warmer in the winter. That results in noticeable savings on your utility bills! Stone coated steel can also be installed over your existing roofing, which can save time, money and increase the insulation benefits. Benefits include:

• No hail damage
• Reduces utility bills
• Class 4 impact and wind resistance, fire resistance
• Qualifies for reductions on most ins. premiums
• Over 50 year lifespan

In addition, all of our roofing jobs come with an additional American Value Exteriors, LLC 5-Year Workmanship Warranty on your job that is outside the manufacturer warranty.